First impressions: video profile for Sustainable Match

Sustainable Match (MVO Nederland, Oxfam Nvoib in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is a new initiative that enables Dutch SME’s to explore business opportunities in emerging markets, in a sustainable way. They’ve started with pilot business cases in Bangladesh and Uganda. In order for the Dutch and Ugandan companies to get to know each other a little; video profiles was made by SeeOurStory. A sneak preview, all others soon to be seen on the website of Sustainable Match.


Tools for social change: Three60

A new initiative that can change the way we look at aid and it’s effectiveness; connecting data at all levels and thus enabling all levels to use this data. From the patient at the local clinic, to the regional NGO, to the national donor, the World Bank: all levels can have access to data mostly already available.  See Our Story made photo’s for this great new project’s website. Have a look at

Lynn and her little one

two days old

trading centre outside Jinja